Domus Romane of Palazzo Valentini

Immerse yourself in the Architecture of Ancient Rome! An exploration of the Domus Romane is the best way to put yourself in the shoes of a Roman citizen of more than 2000 years ago! These are the remains of two large residences and a temple located near Trajan's Column. All those parts that unfortunately have not come down to us will also be reproduced multimedialy, in order to be able to appreciate them in their entirety!

Dacia. The Last Frontier of Romanity

At the National Museum of Rome until April 21, 2024 it will be possible to participate in an extraordinary exhibition: "Dacia. The last frontier of Rome". It is an exhibition with more than 1000 works from about 50 Romanian museums; all to retrace the history of Dacia, a large province of Ancient Rome located right in the territory of Romania!


"Dolce Roma Fest": the first event on sweets and all its nuances that will be held in Rome at the Palazzo dei Congressi on November 25-26th. There will be many activities that can be carried out, to learn many new things about the world of pastry and above all to satisfy some palates, since many products will be offered to the public as tastings!
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